Korean Missile Crisis

jimstavis -

North Korean ICBM missile. Nuclear bomb, Nuclear test.

This current missile crisis reminds me of a story a political science professor once told while I was attending UCLA back in 1973. This was just a little over a decade after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He tells the story: “Everyone was asking him what he thought would come with the stare-down between Russia and the United States over the missiles that were placed in Cuba. He told everyone to stay calm because he was certain no missiles would be fired – there was no reason for concern. Yet, back at the time everyone was alarmed over the potential “end of world” scenario that had been created. As everyone now knows, the Russians stood down or blinked as it were and the crisis was averted. Everyone came to the professor and said, “How did you know?” The professor calmly listened and smiled when he said, “I really didn’t know, but I knew that if the missiles were released there would be no one around to tell me I was wrong.”

Sometimes being right is merely a function of not being wrong. Keep the faith!